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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Song Number 48- Say It Again

I wanted to give the Christmas song more time to breathe but there's no time for that!  Ah yes, the sound of the annual Christmas cold creeping in - "Say By Dabe", I should have called this one!

We're heading up north to see my folks for Christmas soon, and while I can record up there (see Song 41 for the results of that), I'd rather spend the time lounging in front of the fire eating chocolate oranges

So here's song 48, inspired by the website of a "sales expert" who trains cold callers.  It's one of the most nauseatingly smug sites I've ever seen - one look at it and you can feel the vomit rising - and that's even before you start pondering on the rather depressing notion that we now live in a society where a Cold Calling Trainer is even a necessary job.

"Song a week? YOU are weak!"

My first job was selling kitchens over the phone.  It's impossible - people are either in the market for a kitchen or they're not; you can't persuade someone to drop a couple of grand on a new one, even if they have been "specially selected by our computer to receive a £500 gift voucher towards the cost..."  Turnover at that place was incredible.  I lasted three weeks, before I was replaced by a guy called Brad Cheesebrough

But enough of that - got to get on with Song 49 now. Please keep your donations coming in by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/songaweek - and now you can donate by texting the code "SONG52" and the amount you want to donate ("£X") to 70070!

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