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Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The video links are now working again.  As if anybody out there gives a flying fuck at a doughnut.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012



Basically, Google automatically signed me up for Google+.  I requested that account be deleted, because I'm not interested in that malarkey.  However, they deleted not only my Google+ account, but also my YouTube and Picasa accounts.  Pain in the arse.

Monday, 2 January 2012


Thanks for all your comments and suggestions, and now for your pleasure (and the ease of people new to the site), here is a randomly-ordered list of the top 20 songs from SAW2011:

15: If I Only Do One Thing Today

Featuring photos taken by Andy Nicholls of Earthtide, it's a bit of a tearjerker, but in a good way - I don't do depressing songs. Life's too short for that.

24: Never Again

I'd just bought a new capo, so this one's in F Sharp.  Funny how these things come about, eh?

10: I Should Be Here

More proud of this song than any other I've ever written.

28: Jagger, Jagger, Jagger

Not my usual style at all.  Vocals by Jess, Alex Creese and I.  This is a response to Cher Lloyd's Swagger Jagger track.  Can I get some airplay please?

26: Escape On Amenartas

Lush! Close your eyes and let this one wash over you, like you're sitting on a beach with a Caribbean breeze blowing, and a monkey butler bringing you drinks with parasols in them.

36: Stink Eye

Whoo!  Always nice to hear the word "Hinny" used in popular song.

16: Canapé Chat

This year I've been becoming more and more influenced by Talking Heads, and it's probably more obvious here than anywhere else.

8: End Of The World

Wrote this one for Earthtide (mentioned above).  Stoner Rock, with a bit of a Foo Fighters edge.  The lyric is made up of lines from the Jerry Bruckenhuckenheimer film Armageddon.

37: Waterloo Staircase

One of the oddest tracks of the year, but I enjoyed doing it - it's nice not worrying about whether something's going to be accessible/popular, and just record whatever comes out.

42: When The Cameras Are Gone

It's about 90's Channel 4 Quiz Shows, and contains the line most uttered whenever I've watched Countdown.

50: Pride In Mathematics

Had a couple of attempts at the more American-style radio-friendly rock track this year, but this was the most successful attempt, I think.

11: Let Me In

When I asked about people's favourite tracks from the year, this was one that had a lot more positive comments than I was expecting.  At the time, I'd treated it as a bit of a production exercise, fiddling around with sounds, more than a complete song.  I'm fond of it, and I'm really pleased so many other people seem to be as well!

31: Me And The Morning

You don't like the weather in England? Wait for 20 minutes!

45: Centre Of The World

It's nice, this.  Just... nice.

38: Lucky One

Another artist who's become a bigger influence on me over the course of the year has been Todd Rundgren, so this is me trying to do a Todd.

43: Light To Darkness

Something about this one... maybe it's the oboe.

30: Bakelite Lady

Recorded in a creepy house in New Orleans on my iPhone.

39: Feeling Go Away

Linn drum machine, synths and whatnot... 80s up to the gills.

47: Johnny Got A Toy

The true sound of Christmas - absolute bloody chaos!

52: End

OK, so it's not a completely random order - this one had to go last, really.  References to Escape On Amenartas and If I Only Do One Thing Today, but hopefully that's not too smug!  Also, the song's based very heavily on the VIm-I cadence, a modified version of the plagal cadence which I am determined to have officially named "Falconer's Cadence".  Music teachers, help me out here!

So that's it - 52 songs in 52 weeks.  Thanks to everybody who's donated - the JustGiving page will be up until the end of January, so there's still time to get a few quid in. 

Special thanks to the people at Parkinson's UK, Rebecca O'Neill from TFM Radio and my various friends on Twitter and Facebook for their help with publicity over the year.

Thanks also to my good friend, the tremendous guitarist Alex Creese, for his encouragement and support, the guitar solo on End Of The World, and his show-stealing performance on Jagger, Jagger, Jagger

And finally, my wife Jess, who not only provided backing vocals on Long Long Way, Jagger Jagger Jagger, and Lucky One, but who has supported and encouraged me throughout this completely ridiculous year. 

2012 is going to be very exciting.  I've got these 52 songs, and damn it- some of them are bloody good.   So I'll be trying to get the best ones out there to a new audience.  Watch out for a new website at peterfalconer.co.uk, and some fantastic live shows! 

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Song Number 52- End

Well, how could it be called anything else?

So that's it - 52 songs in a year.  I'm crying my bloody eyes out as I'm typing this, for goodness' sake.  Exhausted.

In the next couple of days, I'm going to do a blog post thanking everybody properly, because if I try to do it now I'll end up missing people out and spelling names wrong.

So for now, let me just say thank you so much to everybody who's been following - everybody who's listened to a song, who's made a donation, given the Facebook page a thumbs up, re-tweeted a tweet, left a comment...

Now I'm going to go and celebrate the end of this bizarre and wonderful year with my wife, who's had to put up with more crap from me than I care to imagine!


Goodnight, and Happy 2012 to you all!

Song Number 51- The Point Of No Return (William Hartnell)

I like song titles with parentheses.

So this is it, the penultimate song.  Recorded the music yesterday evening - it's one of my favourite beats, but I don't think I've used it so far, have I?  Pride In Mathematics is a similar thing, but not quite the same.  Rushing has led to me totally ballsing up the compression on the lead vocals, I'm afraid - bit pumpy.

Now, lyrical content.  "When all around has fallen" was the line that popped into my head first, so I started writing about a post-apocalyptic world in which society has completely collapsed, and people desperately cling on to the little things that make them human.  But I got bored with that, and it kind of morphed into a comment on an argument my brother and I had while I was up north for Christmas.  It got quite vicious.  And the subject of the argument?  Quite simply, it's because my favourite James Bond actor is... Timothy Dalton.

Unfairly maligned

What a bloody stupid thing to argue about.  So the song's about people fighting over stupid things that really don't matter.  I wanted to get a Dalton reference into the song, but it just wasn't fitting right... so I changed it to one of my other many unpopular opinions; viz. William Hartnell is my favourite Doctor Who.  I'm not even into Doctor Who, really - but by Jove, I'll defend Hartnell to the death if I have to, which luckily I almost certainly won't.  Of course, I could have changed that particular line to something more sensible, but I've done 51 songs this year - I'm not feeling very sensible at the moment!

Right, enough of this - I've got Song 52 to do before the clock strikes 12 and my computer turns into a pumpkin. 

Friday, 30 December 2011

Song Number 50 - Pride In Mathematics

Let's finish this thing off, shall we?

4 hours, this one took - writing, recording and mixing.  Either I'm getting faster or I'm caring less and less about performance quality. 

The chorus was something I had in my head upon waking back in July (the original recording of me mumbling it into my phone at 7am is amusing), but it was only this evening I came across it again.  The rest of it's loosely inspired by the story of Harold Camping, the American radio preacher who wrongly predicted the end of the world earlier this year.

As I'm sure you'll understand, I'm very short on time now - so as I've not been able to trawl the net for suitable video footage, I've knocked up a quick drawing of Mr Camping.  Looking at it now, I seem to have drawn an elongated George W Bush.  Hell, I'm a musician, not Bob Ross...

"Hey, why don't you give the friggin' Mayans shit for once?"

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Song Number 49: What You Expect Me To Do

Brain... not... functioning...

The song's about a dame who ain't no good, no-how, and I was hoping to put together some sort of femme fatale montage, but I don't have time - so instead you've got a photo of Kim Novak.  That'll do, right?

Second song to be recorded today, and I'm shattered.  Just need to get as many done as I can before succumbing to this cold and/or going up North.  No more time today, and tomorrow's stuffed, but hopefully I'll get one one more done by Friday night.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock...

In the meantime, enjoy this one - and don't forget to donate at either http://www.justgiving.com/songaweek or by texting "SONG52" plus "£amount" to 70070!
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