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Why Parkinson's UK?

My great uncle, Jeff Torrington, was an award-winning novelist, who contracted Parkinson's when in his forties.  Despite this, he published the tremendous Swing, Hammer, Swing!, which won the Whitbread Book Of The Year Award in 1992.

A second novel, The Devil's Carousel was published in 1996, but he sadly became too ill to complete the final stages of his third novel, Go Down Laughing, and passed away on 11th May 2008.

I also work with UK songwriter, Phil Webster, who despite suffering from Parkinson's refuses to let the disease stop him from writing his music.  He is a staggeringly determined man, with so much energy.

Parkinson's is a condition that can affect anybody, regardless of their lifestyle, background, gender, income or musical taste, and yet it's not a cause that gets quite as much media attention as maybe it should.  Parkinson's UK raises money for the treatment of Parkinson's, improving the lives of Parkinson's sufferers, better early-signs detection, prevention, and eventually a cure.

Thank you for visiting this website, and please support the cause by donating now by clicking on the JustGiving widget there at the top right.

For more details, visit the Parkinson's UK website.

“ ‘D’you believe in this heaven’n hell stuff, then?’
‘Aye, definitely. If it wisnae true there widnae be sausages’. ” 
- Jeff Torrington, Swing, Hammer, Swing!
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