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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Song Number 47 - Johnny Got A Toy


So, getting in early, this is my Christmas song for the year, inspired by my mother and uncle's good-natured attempts to annoy each other by furnishing the other's children/grandchildren with the noisiest presents they could possibly find. The alternative title for this one is "Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Loud," and I believe it represents what for many people is the true sound of Christmas - an almighty racket, braying your head in from the moment the kids wake up to find their stockings full, right through Boxing Day, and only stopping when you finally rip the batteries out of every electronic device except the TV remote control.

Featuring the lovely Jess as "Exasperated Mother"

Remember these little bastards?

Seven songs to go?  How have I still got seven songs still to go?!

[EDIT: Oh no, hang on - it's only five.  Ach, my brain!]

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