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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Song Number 46: Indication of the Facts


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I had two parts to this song - one was the atmospheric intro/first verse as you hear it; the other was something that sounded a bit Ben Folds Five-ish and I wasn't too keen.  It just didn't fit - it sounded like I'd had two half-ideas and crammed them together (for a more successful attempt at this, check out that old hippie chestnut Something In The Air by Thunderclap Newman).  So I removed the BF5 bits and wrote something else that seemed to fit a little better.  I think it's still a bit bitty and directionless, but I do like the verse sections - the second verse in particular feels like it could be developed into something more interesting.

I never realised Pete Townsend produced this. So there you go.

The video is an advert for an American brand of coffee I lifted from the Prelinger Archives, a wonderful place to waste far too much time!  The sex education videos are wonderful. 

Tomorrow (or, rather, today) I'll be putting song 47 online, a song which promises to represent the true sound of Christmas...

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