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Monday, 28 February 2011

Song Number 8: End Of The World

For those of you about to drill, here's a song about Bruce Willis in Outer Space;

Special thanks to Alex Creese for providing the solo.

You like it?  You don't like it?  Either way, thanks for listening - but please drop a couple of quid in the Parkinson's UK tin, either by clicking on the widget on the top right, or by visiting Justgiving.com/songaweek.

Local stoner rock band Earthtide are well worth a look.  A trio of excellent musicians, playing music somewhere between Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, in amongst the set is a song about Jaws called Bigger Boat.  Superb song, and it was suggested by some fool that they do a song about Armageddon next.  Despite never having seen the damn film, I volunteered to write it for them.  This meant watching it.  Hell's teeth.  I'm a fan of Bruce Willis, and Steve Buscemi's never played a bad role as far as I know... but this ye-har, gung-ho, slack-jawed, GO AMERICA! nonsense peddled by Jerry Bruckheimer gets right on my tit ends.  I really am suffering for my art here, guys.  Just hope nobody asks me to write a song about Gigli or Catwoman.  Still, it passed a couple of hours.

In writing the song itself, I had to come up with a riff that sounded Earthtide-ish, but at the same time different enough to warrant a place in their set.  If it sounded exactly like another one of their songs, why would they bother playing it?  I think the verse and solo riffs sound pretty authentic, but the change comes in the chorus, which is much more American and Foo Fightersy than the rest of their set - which kind of fits in with the All American Action Movie premise, I guess.  The words are made up almost entirely from lines in the film, though I couldn't quite get the line "I have repeatedly asked you to call me dad" in there.  And the line "My daughter can't act" might have been my own...

Anyways, the band themselves seem to be pleased with it - let me know what youse think, and SPREAD THE WORD!  The donations have stalled again, and we need to get this site passed around widely as possible if we're going to meet this target. 

I'll be shouting it from the rooftops at the gig on Weds 9th March at The Water Rats, King's Cross (get there for 7.45!) 

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