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Sunday, 6 March 2011

6/3 update

Just had the last rehearsal with the band before Wednesday's gig, and I'm over the moon.  Final details are as follows:

Monto Water Rats
328 Gray's Inn Rd (2 mins' walk from King's Cross Station)

Get your name to me, and arrive at the venue before 7.45, and it's £6 entry
£8 for the rest of you

We'll be on at 8.15, all being well!

Other acts:

Anita Maj - feisty rock minx
Decline and Fall - edgy Stooges-type rock
Gecko - they do a song called Pigeon, so they're alright in my book
The Red Suns - epic; a bit like Joy Division with a big reverb unit
and the headline act, The Rock Of Travolta - Radiohead/Muse fans walk this way...

I've also been working on Song Number 9, which should hit the internet tomorrow or Tuesday.  Harmonica debut on this one, too.

AS EVER, please spread this site around.  Something like this would do:

"Dear BFF - there's this bloke, right, and he's writing a song a week every week for the whole of 2011, and it's for Parkinson's UK and the songs are, like, totally amazing - CHECK IT OUT!"

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