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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Song Number 5: Finding My Feet

Latest effort is here!  Comments and criticism welcome as always.

This is the second song for which I wrote the words away from any musical instruments.  It seemed easier this time, but that might just have been luck!  I've also been playing bass a lot more recently, so I thought it would be fun to make a bit of a feature of it.  It's a lovely Fender Precision, but by God it's ugly.  I got a heavy discount on it when I bought it because nobody else wanted it.  It had been sitting in the warehouse for ages, apparently.  Poor little devil. 

Anyways, you know what to do:  Click on the JustGiving widget up there on the right, and donate some dolla to Parkinson's UK!

Looking to get another song up in the first half of next week, as I'm really starting to slip behind.  Fortunately I've got a nice handful of ideas on the go - just need to sit down with one of them and hack it out til it's a full blown song.

1 comment:

E G Robertson said...

I think I may recall the arrival of that ugly base when we we younger and you had more hair and I had less grey hair... anyway, good news for you is I had to hold a free office hour this week, so there is some money for your charity fund, see here for further details: http://amongsttheleaves.blogspot.com/2011/02/last-time-i-wrote-it-was-to-plug-my.html

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