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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Song Number 43: Light To Darkness

Big day today!

Here's Light To Darkness, a song which has proven an absolute nightmare to record - like so many other tracks this year, I had the song ready to go for what seemed like ages but couldn't get ten minutes together to record the vocals!  And when I finally did, my computer had a hissy fit and recorded the whole lot with all sorts of digital glitches, so I had to re-do the lot today.  But it's done! 

Most songs you'll hear on the wireless can be split into three components - the verse; the chorus; and another bit.  Here I've done two different bits, and tried to create a third by sticking the two together.  Does it work? Or is it a mess? Who cares - it's another song down.  Nine to go, and there's something else as well:

WE'VE DONE IT! Yes, folks, we've passed the £1,000 mark!


I'm over the moon, particularly considering the original target was £250!  Thanks to everybody who's donated, and everybody who's helped me out by telling your friends and colleagues, Tweeting and Facebooking.  The people at Parkinson's UK are delighted, and on a personal level I can't quite belive I'm still going!

Now I know I've had a panic on lately over getting the songs finished, but you've kept your end of the bargain, so I'm now doubly determined to get the last nine done.  Song 52 will be online on New Year's Eve!

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