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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Song Number 42: When The Cameras Are Gone

Lot of background to this one.

I'd written the music, but was struggling to come up with something to write about lyric-wise.  Andrew Nicholls, marvellous guitarist and singer with Earthtide, suggested "how about a song which cryptically extols the virtues of channel four at 3.30pm every weekday......."

Well of course everybody knows what's on at 3.30 on weekdays on Channel Four - Countdown.  Great show.  Horrendously addictive.  And that got me reminiscing about sitting with my gran, watching possibly my favourite ever quiz show, Fifteen to One - it was on just after Countdown (or was it just before?) and featured William G Stewart asking question after question after question to fifteen contestants.  No messing about; no 'hilarious' anecdotes about family holidays; no Brucie Bonuses and definitely no Michael Barrymore.

Horrible man, horrible man,
horrible horrible horrible man.

So anyway, here it is: a song vaguely about quiz shows. There's also a reference to The Crystal Maze in there.  Happy days. 

One more song and I'm into single figures. 


Liz P said...

Love it! :-)

Pete the Feet said...

Thanks, Liz!

E G Robertson said...

nostalgia and daytime tv...do you realise you just unwittingly stole someone's research project and condensed it into 2 minutes and 22 seconds?
More office hours this week and next, so more cash for SAW2011. Will guilt trip my students into coughing up as well - a pound each I reckon (there are quite a few of them)!

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