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Monday, 24 October 2011

Song Number 39: Feeling Go Away


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Vocals, Linn LM-1 drums, piano, saw wave and a bunch of bells.  As much as I enjoy doing tracks like Amenartas, Long Long Way and Lucky One, I also have a real fondness for minimal productions.  I think it's growing up as a big Prince fan that did it - tracks like When Doves Cry, If I Was Your Girlfriend, and pretty much the whole of the Dirty Mind album are very bare in their productions, and these are tracks that would either excite me or, for some reason, give me the creeps.

It wouldn't take much to scare me, though.  Terry Gilliam animations used to terrify and fascinate me, as did the video for And She Was by Talking Heads (Dir. Jim Blashfield, who did the same creepy things with Xeroxed photographs in Michael Jackson's Leave Me Alone). 

Nooooo! Make it go away! Make it go away!

Anyway: to the song.  The words were written before the music; though "Sleep reset me/feeling go away" came into my head with its melody fully formed.

The drums are all done with Linn LM-1 samples - the explosion sound that sits where a cymbal normally would is actually a handclap slowed down to a zillionth of its speed.  I love the sounds of the LM-1, but it's hard to use them without making it sound like I'm trying to be Prince (at this point, my family will no doubt be shouting, "But you are!").

Get over yourself, Falconer

 After putting the piano chords in, and then writing the melody, it all sounded perfectly pleasant, but not particularly interesting.  I wanted something that would jar the ears, but sound intriguing rather than repulsive - and so I shifted the piano track along so each chord comes in slightly behind the beat.  I hope it doesn't piss you off too much, but I just didn't want the track to sound too comfortable; the singer, after all, is in an uncomfortable, sleep-deprived, confused state.

So anyway, that's that.  Let me know what you think, either here, on the YouTube channel, on the Twitter account (where I spend most of my time!) or on the Facebook page.

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