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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Song Number 2: Long Long Way

Does quarter to one on Wednesday morning still count as Tuesday evening?  Come on - be nice!

In any case, I'm proud to present the second song of the year, "Long Long Way".  Amongst the instruments used was my cigar box guitar (also featured on Country Life), and Jess added some BVs too.

I've done my bit - now do yours: click on the widget in the top right there to donate a few bob to Parkinson's UK!  THANK YOU to everybody who's donated so far.

I had great fun recording this.  The initial banjo riff and the line "Long way to go before I lose my soul" came first more or less simultaneously, and the rest of the song grew from there.  It took a few attempts to get it right - at first It was basically the same thirty-odd seconds of music repeated over and over again, but I forced myself to do something slightly more interesting with the "Citadel" sections until it became a whole song rather than just a riff endlessly repeated with no direction.

I had a spot of bother with the last line.  I wanted to say "You will never take my tea," but felt like I had to say something a bit more sensible than that.  However, nothing else seemed to fit, and so I said bollocks to being sensible and put the original line back in - and let me tell you, folks: it's sung from the heart.
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