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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Song Number 35: Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap

Challenge Accepted!

NEARLY THERE!  If this song made you laugh, donate some money to Parkinson's UK.  If you thought it was in bad taste, it's not Parkinson's UK's fault - so donate some money to them anyway.  Then feel free to send me a stiff letter. http://www.justgiving.com/songaweek

Right, then.  Mr John Siely, a regular at the open mic sessions at The Guildford Tup, challenged me to write a song with this title.  I said I'd perform it at the open mic two weeks later.  Of course, what happened was I ended up leaving the song til the last minute, so this was written in the hour before I was due to go on stage with it. 

And today, I was in no mood to argue with the technology in my studio, which was sulking about something, so it only took half an hour from start to finish.

On to song 36.  And of course the gig - yes, the gig.

Tuesday 27th September, The Bedford, Balham


Plenty of parking at the Sainsbury's across the road (at least there was last time), and the station (National Rail and Northern Line Tube) is just around the corner.

The night also features Big Mamma's Door (excellent blues band) and Anna Phoebe (classic rock electric violinist. Yes!)

This is my favourite venue in the capital, with the best sound and a great atmosphere. The gig will also be streamed live on the internet at http://www.justin.tv/thebedfordlive

We'll be on pretty late (10 o clock start, we reckon), but get down early to see the rest of the acts, too.

COME DOWN and see my wonderful band - they deserve your support, because they're all splendid musicians.  Don't believe me?  There's only one way to find out...

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