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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Prologue...

Hello there!

My name is Peter Falconer, and I am a lazy bastard.

I am also a musician and songwriter - and to be successful as a songwriter you can't afford to be a lazy bastard.  You have to work hard, not just sit around hoping for inspiration to come along and bless you with hit after hit. 

So this year, I'm aiming to write a song a week.

52 songs in 2011 is a pretty tall order - I'm away for a month in the Summer on my honeymoon, for one thing - and with work and unforeseen inconveniences on top of that I think I'll be happy with anything over 45 songs.  I'll be posting the songs here on my blog, and also on my YouTube channel.

***UPDATE*** Did I say 45 songs?  Sod that - I'm going for the full 52.  My wonderful wife has given me permission to take some recording equipment on holiday with us (no not for that, you dirty sods), so there are no excuses.  52 songs or bust!

I'll also be posting my thoughts on songwriting in general, links to some of the songs that inspire and influence me, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Any feedback - positive or negative - on the songs or anything else you read on here is most welcome, so please get in touch!

If you want to hear some of the songs I wrote before 2011, you can check out my website at www.peterfalconer.co.uk or my MySpace site at myspace.com/mrpeterfalconer.  There's also a Facebook page - become a fan and feel all warm inside!


Kim said...

hey Pete - sounds wonderful! i am linking to you at my new year challenge, www.prelovedreloved.co.uk x

Pete the Feet said...

Thanks, Kim - I've linked you up on the right!

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