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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Song Number 3: Best That I Can Be

Here we go! 

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What an absolute nightmare I've had with this third song.  I work on one idea, get nowhere, and move onto another idea.  Then I get hacked off with that one and move on to another.  I realised today that if I was going to get anything done at all, I was going to have to pick one idea and stick with it until the whole thing was written. 

With time getting on, it made sense to go with the song that would take the least production time, hence the one-man-and-his-piano arrangement this time around.  No banjos here.  

So what have I learnt this week?  Well, if I'm faced with several song ideas,  none of which inspire me, it's best to pick one and hammer it out.  As much as it hurts a songwriter's pretentious artistic pride to say it, a mediocre song is worth more than a great idea that never gets realised. 

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