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Monday, 24 January 2011

24/1 update

Nothing's working.  Most annoying. 

As I've said several times before, one of my aims with this thing is to get over my normal routine of:

  1. Work out idea/riff/chords/beat
  2. Get bored with it/feel totally uninspired by it
  3. Give up
I must gone through this at least half a dozen times today.  The trouble is that my aim of just getting the song written is being counteracted by the fact that these songs are being posted online for everyone to hear.  I'm a vain and insecure musician, and therefore I need everybody to love everything I do all the time.  This is why musicians are so annoying to be around.

I need to get over this worry.  Even if I only posted songs I thought were good, that wouldn't be any guarantee that anybody else would like them.  Similarly, just because I think a song's dull and unimaginative, it doesn't mean anybody else will agree with me.  How many songs are there that have sold millions, yet when you hear them you think, "How did anybody fall for this crap?!"

So basically, I need to stop worrying and just get the songs written.  Or, as my dad would say, "Shit, or get off the pot." 

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