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Monday, 20 June 2011

Song Number 23: Bright Lights

Featuring Twickenham singer Shelle Luscombe on vocals, here's song 23:

Thanks to everybody who's donated so far - we've had a great surge of activity this weekend - but we need to keep things going: http://www.justgiving.com/songaweek or click the widget in the corner!

Shelle got in touch with me a few months ago wanting to get involved with SAW2011 as she also raises funds for Parkinson's UK in honour of her father, who has the condition.  Eventually we managed to get half an hour (I'm not joking!) to record the vocals, and the song was premièred last Friday at Shelle's regular slot at the Marble Hill pub in Twickenham.  I played a couple of other tracks from SAW2011, as well, and also improvised a song based on the BBC News 24 rolling headlines on the pub's plasma screen:

It got a bit rude after that, so it's only a short clip! 

Song 24 on its way in the next couple of days.  Nearly at the half way point, folks!

In other news, we're all set for a return to The Bedford in Balham on 27th September, and the next gig on the horizon is on 22nd July at The Star Inn, Guildford.

Finally, just a quick congratulations to Earthtide's drummer (and mine!) Steve, and his lovely lady Leonie, who got married this weekend!


phil webster said...

Heyup Man, this is the best out of your saw compilation, and guess what? It's got a spread on my fb page... I,m seduced by writing again, my wife was my inspiration to leave and return. Stay well...

Pete the Feet said...

Thanks, Phil. Glad you like the track - I just can't believe I'm nearly half way through and still going!

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