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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Song Number 18: Fairy Tales

Not so much the Mothership as the Great Aunt Ship...

The whole song started with that initial drum fill, which I stole from Michael Bland (Possibly my favourite of Prince's old drummers), and that dictated what groove it would have.

They installed Bland, then built the kit around him

The whole riff was improvised in one take on the clav (with a little tidying up later on).  I'd been listening to Bootsy Collins so had a little fun with the voice of the wolf.  Unfortunately, I can't play bass like Bootsy, but I did my best!

Bootsy's offer to play at the Royal Wedding
was quietly rejected
Not a massive fan of George Clinton style P-Funk.  It's great fun to play, and to jam with other musicians, but to listen to it can be awfully self-indulgent.  However, in small doses, there are some great tracks out there, and some superb musicians (when they weren't out of their trees).

The words... well, the "I don't like to live my life through fairy tales" line came into my head fully formed; it made sense to go with the theme.  There are several fairy tale references in there, but the main theme is Red Riding Hood, obviously.  It was a lot ruder when I first wrote it!

We're heading towards the half way point, and I want to make sure I'm ahead of target songwise and sponsorshipwise by the end of July.  You can help with this latter part by donating a few pennies to Parkinson's UK at http://justgiving.com/songaweek

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