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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Song number 17: Tea Bags

Surely we've all been in this situation?

This song is a response to the classic Bill Withers track, Lean On Me.  In it, an unfortunate chap has found himself in a sticky situation, and has turned to Mr Withers for help.  However, this unfortunate chap is a massive pain in the arse, and is liable to hang around like a bad smell for quite some time, testing Bill Withers' generosity to its limit.

You can kip on the sofa,
but make your own damn breakfast
We're approaching the half way point of 2011, and it's here where, as my dad said this morning, "marathons are won or lost", so I'm having to get a real shift on so I can be ahead of the game by the time I head off on honeymoon in August.  No time to wait for my throat infection to clear up before doing the vocals on this one, therefore, but I think it suits the character... who may pop up again in a later song.

Song 18 on the way!  In the meantime, please sponsor me in this ridiculous endeavour, and tell everybody you know about the cause.  If any of you know any Radio DJs or newspaper bods, please help me get in touch with them - SAW2011 needs exposure if it's going to make the £1,000 target!

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