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Monday, 25 April 2011

Song Number 15: If I Only Do One Thing Today

Something a little different for Song 15 - it includes a photographic presentation for your viewing pleasure!

If you only do one thing today, ladies and gentlemen, please sponsor me for this ridiculous year-long stunt I'm trying to pull, and raise some money for Parkinson's UK.

The Tea Chronicles is a photo montage depicting an average day in the life of a self-employed musician, and was beautifully shot by Andrew Nicholls of Earthtide.  Andy is responsible for nearly every photo that appears on my websites, and those of many other musicians/dancers/artists/animals, and I thank him once again for taking the time and effort to take photos of me in my pants

Two new instruments on this week's track: an autoharp...

Impossible to play without looking and feeling like a mutant.
 ... and a thumb piano...
It's got a very smooth bottom

... which was given to me by the lovely people at the St James's Players drama society.  Thanks again, guys!

No Mid 8 in this track.  I'd said everything I wanted to say, and didn't want to bloat this one by shoehorning in a bridge for the sake of it.

1 comment:

A said...

Works really well with the photos. Top notch!

I only did one thing today, but I'm not posting it on here.

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