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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Art Attack! (alas, not with Neil Buchanan)

I'm afraid, folks, that the next update will most likely be even more delayed than usual, due to the fact that my main Song a Week recording day is Sunday, which happens to be my 1st Wedding Anniversary!

Me n Jess, bossin' the Charleston innit!

So apologies for that, but I'm sure you'll forgive me this once...

Also, I've been playing with a Bamboo tablet - song 11 saw the debut of my shoddy artistic "skills", and instead of taking the risk of infringing somebody's copyright, I'll be drawing my own pictures for the YouTube vids in future.  How thrilling!

You'd better never bother with me ol' Bamboo...
While we're on the topic of art, here are a couple of art sites and webcomics I rather like:

Paper Sails - blog and main site of my friend Roland MacDonald.  Tremendous artist.
Perry Bible Fellowship - hilarious, like a sick James Thurber
Hyperbole and a Half - hilariously illustrated anecdotes of everyday life and childhood memories
Oglaf - DEFINITELY FOR ADULTS ONLY but beautifully drawn

Enjoy!  I'll be back online soon with Song 12 and more musical wibblings.

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