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Friday, 5 August 2011

Memphis update


Just leaving steamy Memphis. I'm still unable to get any new songs online, but in the meantime you can still donate to the Song A Week for Parkinson's UK project by visiting http://justgiving.com/songaweek. Also, have a look at these bits and pieces:

Patrick Dodd - best blues and R&B act we saw on our visit; really excellent.

Dodd and his band

Dodd himself - a white guy with dreads, and I still liked him. That's how good the show was.

Wonderful drummer; great hair

Memphis Jones - local musician, comedian and, well, tour guide doesn't really do the man justice. Inspirational.

And finally, my own take on the Stax sound, back at Song 27: Actions Speak Louder Than Words (with apologies to Stax fans everywhere!) Click on the picture to hear it!

The original Stax sign, above the stage at the Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale St.

On the sleeper car to New Orleans now. It's just like North By Northwest, only Jess is prettier than Eve Marie Saint, and I'm straighter than Cary Grant. Just about.

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1 comment:

Mary O'Sullivan said...

"On a sleeper car to New Orleans" - that's always going to sound amazing, isn't it?!

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